Clean Living
6-Week Group Health Coaching Program  


Q: What Is Clean Living ?

   A: Real Foods, Relaxation, Movement, Support & Accountability To Make Change that LASTS.

                        Ready to make lasting change with a WHOLE NEW approach!  
* Would you like solid support & accountability to meet your health goals?

*Are you looking to feel better in your clothes, boost your energy levels, have healthy skin, heal your digestion or just feel more alive and inspired?

* Is it time to CLEAN out your fridge & CLEAN up your diet ?  

* Would you like to feel calmer, more clear and peaceful ? 

* Is it time to add in more movement to your day and feel more confident in a CLEAN  body ? 

* Would you like to know exactly what foods fulfill your deepest nutritional needs ?

If the answer is 'YES' to any of these or you are just looking for a fun, healthy way to meet your health goals, then this CLEAN LIVING 6-Week Group Health Coaching Program is for YOU! 

Program Pillars: 
Clean Eating, Real Foods, Relaxation & Movement 

Sarah & Karen believe that health goes deeper than what is on your plate. True health is a balanced recipe of consistent exercise, good food, positive thoughts, healthy relationships and meaningful work.  Thus this program thoroughly covers mindfulness, whole, real foods and movement. During these 6-weeks you will be provided with all the tools, strategies and support you need to clear your mind, your body and your plate ;-)

Ready to dive in? 


Clean eating is NOT a diet, but a LIFESTYLE!

A key to eating cleanly is the ability to see where foods lie on the healthiness spectrum. On one side are very 
clean foods such as food that looks more or less the way it did when it came out of the ground. On the other side we have "unclean" foods, these are the highly processed, artificial, junk foods.

Our body knows what to do with clean food and will turn it into high energy. Consistent, clean food will dramatically increase your energy, decrease mental fog, aid in digestion and decrease feelings of bloating.

 "Unclean" foods, on the other hand take more energy to digest, tend to drain us and wreak havoc on our GI tracts. Because this approach to eating  recognizes a spectrum of quality, we will discuss your health in terms of balance. We'll use this tool to show you the best, most fulfilling way to eat for your body!  We will never tell you not to eat something, but instead show you how to balance your indulgence with better nutrition. During this challenge we'll create goals that you will track and meet in eating, mindfulness, meditation, movement and exercise.

Take this WHOLE NEW  approach and feel great! 


One of the most common things people say about this program is how much MORE ENERGY they feel by the end of it!
Food should fuel you, not drain you.


Super easy to follow instructions, meal plans & recipes to make it easy to cook deliciously & CLEANLY! 


Health is the relationship between you and your body. Start improving that relationship now!
Feel confident in your cloths and begin to have a loving relationship with yourself. 


This is what we pride ourselves on, all the support & accountability you need to actually get results that last! 


Meditation is nutrition for the mind. It's well within your grasp to feel more focus, be more productive, find more ease and be more peaceful. 


Make 2016 YOUR year! No more  more yo-yo dieting. Feel great, look great and get your health in check while we support you to reach your goals. 



LIVE Group Coaching Calls 

One hour, weekly, live, group health coaching sessions from the comfort of your home on a live webinar. If you miss a session, no worries you get all the recordings .  Each session will include educational material, easy to implement tips and tricks, goal setting and support from your health coaches and new like-minded community.  

1-on-1 Coaching 

You get two 1-on-1 calls with your health coaches, Sarah & Karen. During these calls receive personal and professional support to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. Ensuring that the program is customized to you and your specific lifestyle. 

Meal Plans & Recipes 

Receive 6-weeks of full meal plans, shopping lists and delicious recipes to help you get started on eating living We will teach you the art and science of meal planning & how to create organized, "clean" shopping lists. We'll go over tons of CLEAN eating recipes for full meals, snacks and smoothies. 


Full email support from Sarah & Karen during the 6 weeks -- get your questions answered and stay on track. Plus you'll be part of a private facebook group to keep you motivated, engaged and connected to your new, like-minded community. 

Recorded Meditations

A clear head is central to a CLEAN lifestyle. Start a meditation practice with the guidence of our recorded sessions or dive deeper into your current practice. There is a wide variety of meditations to match your needs and your situation. We will recommend each of our participants meditate at least 3 times a week. 


Each participant will be assigned an accountability partner. Stay motivated with your new friend, who is looking to meet similar goals.  SMART goals will be established at the beginning of the program.  


Sarah Teddy Klein
Whole Health Lab

Sarah, owner of Whole Health Lab, enjoys yoga, eating delicious food, spending time with her husband and their four legged fur-child Bella, traveling and going on adventures in the outdoors. She is an integrative nutritionist-health coach and accomplished yoga instructor. Her educational background is in Health Psychology, Human Development, Nutrition and Applied Yoga. She has completed over 500 hours of yoga training and has lead yoga and wellness retreats around the globe. Sarah's mission is to spread health, happiness and yoga. You will recognize her passion for this mission the moment you meet her. Learn more about Sarah at


Who are both committed to your success! 

Hear what people who have worked with Karen and Sarah are saying...


Real Energy Foods 

 Karen, founder of Real Energy Food is an integrative nutrition health coach who is passionate about helping people boost energy levels, lose weight, clear up their skin and improve their health through finding the right foods that work for their unique body. With a Science degree from the University of Western Australia and certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Karen coaches clients all over the world from the comfort of their own home through skype consultations and online programs. She is happiest when traveling and get outdoors mountain biking or diving as well in her kitchen cooking up delicious healthy food. Karen’s mission is to help people get energized and achieve food freedom so they can concentrate on the important things in life. Find out more at

Ali Jacobs
Colorado, USA

"When I began this program my life felt like it was falling apart at the seams. I had no idea what I was doing with my life career-wise or how to take steps in the direction that wouldn't create more stress in my life nor did I feel like I was being the mother or wife I wanted to be. My self-hatred was running rampant and my nerves were shot. Words don't express the level of ease we are moving through life with now , compared to 6 short weeks ago. So thank you from all of my heart, thank you! This program has made a huge difference! 

Shannon M.
Perth, Australia

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program with Sarah & Karen is planning my day and having the feelings of purpose in my life
The most significant overall change I have noticed is I am happier and more fulfilled with the choices I have made in my life  I would describe Sarah & Karen as  
enthusiastic, caring, supportive and knowledgeable!
I would describe the support and accountability of this program as excellent and I would say the content of this program is great, very informative, with lessons to implement in my life"

Molly Huff 
Rochester, NY 

"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been I'm enjoying cooking again and feeling overall better inside and out. My overall level of energy feels stronger and more alive. The course brought me back on track making  smarter choices on what to eat. I am not saying that I have totally given up on sugar, however I'm finding that balance and now tend to stay away from the not so good choices." 


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Ready to finally make changes to your health with a fun WHOLE WELLNESS approach? Join us!